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This flyer was mailed to all of Walpole's RTMs a few weeks before the March 10th Town Meeting by three individuals identifying themselves as the Walpole Tax Relief Association. An expanded version of this letter appeared on the op-ed page of the February 28th edition of the Walpole Times. Notice that the arguments put forth against Article 2 do not openly promote the power plant project. Kevin Foley later admitted that he facilitated a private meeting between CPV and 30 RTMs that took place on March 6th, 2008.

"According to Foley, the purpose of the March 6 meeting with CPV was to provide an environment for citizens to get answers about the company's proposal... 'I didn't think people had had an environment that was free of hostility where they could get their questions answered,' he said."

Despite these glaring differences between his public and private comments on the matter, Foley maintains that there was no hidden agenda at the meeting.

Source: CPV met with 30 RTMs in March, Walpole Times Thursday May 15th 2008.

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