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The following table shows the results of the March 10, 2008 Town Meeting
vote on Article 2, which failed to achieve the required 2/3 majority.

A YES vote would have removed "any lawful use" from our zoning bylaws,
meaning that any exemptions to the table of uses would have to be approved
with a 2/3 majority vote by our elected Town Meeting representatives. The
Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, and the Finance Commission all voted
to endorse passage of Article 2 at the urging of the town's zoning consultants.

A NO vote leaves "any lawful use" in the zoning bylaws, meaning that any
exemptions to the table of uses can be approved with a simple permit issued
by a five-person board of political appointees.

Leading up to the March 10th vote, CPV met privately with several small groups
of RTMs
, a fact which was not publicly disclosed until two months after the vote.
CPV ran a half-page, full color advertisement in the Walpole Times on March 20th
to thank RTMs for "keeping the door open" with their NO vote.

Did the representatives from your precinct vote in your best interests?
Did their votes represent the will of their constituents, according to their
sworn oath of office? Please consider this when you vote for Town Meeting
Representatives in the upcoming town elections. The future of Walpole
depends on your involvement.

Precinct 1 Yes
John T. Bowen
John W. Lombardi
Laura B. Parsons
David Smolinsky
Mark J. Breen
John P. Desmond
Darren Hasenjaeger
John T. Hasenjaeger
Thomas H. Jones
Marilyn A. Kelland
Barbara H. Krewko
David F. Lehto
Susan Maguire
Precinct 2 Yes
James A. Capelletti
Ellen M. Goetz
Marilyn A. Howley
Ann E. Walsh
Ronald P. Ardine
Clare Joyce Donahue
Amy E. Fisher
Patrick J. Grant
Craig W. Hiltz
Robert M. Hirshom
Susan Lawson
Suzanne Murphy
Ellen H. Nadeau
Paul E. Peckham
John J. Perry
W. Donald Rolph
Stephen Terp
Joanne Wohler
Precinct 3 Yes
Edward P. Damish
Joanne Damish
Janet M. Fasanello
Patrick J. Fasanello
Thomas P. Jalkut
E. Stanley Kelliher
Patricia L. Kelly
Mary M. Kent
John M. O'Leary
Maureen Martin Smith
Philip A. Wild
Clement Boragine
Mary Ann Boragine
Mary Jane L. Brady
Betsy Mullen
Precinct 4 Yes
Mary E. Campbell
Rolland F. Cunniff
Madeline M. Doherty
James D'Ovidio
Thomas A. Driscoll
Elizabeth A. Gaffey
Bernard J. Goba
Frances R. Kyne
Fiona C. Murphy
Mary H. Murphy
Elizabeth R. Nashawaty
Clifton K. Snuffer
Mark E. Trudell
Richard W. Brown
Albert A. DeNapoli
Kevin C. Foley
Terri B. Thornton
Precinct 5 Yes
Deborah C. Burke
Barbara J. Coates
Robert L. Connolly Jr.
Craig C. Dalton
Doris M. Foley
Dawn A. Freiberger
Kathleen M. Garvin
Susan D. Kelley
Carolyn J. Mich
Joanne C. Mulligan
Joanne Muti
Kevin G. Muti
Wendy B. Nossal
John Spillane
Christopher G. Timson
Dorothy M. Bergen
Bruce H. Norwell
Precinct 6 Yes
William F. Abbott
Thomas J. Bowen
Joseph A. Cahill
Philip R. Dubois
Jean L. Hogan
Sheila M. Kemple
Kathleen A. Peterson
Sally W. Rose
James P. Taylor
Roger F. Turner
Christine M. Kraus
Anne L. Krekis
William J. Maloney Jr.
Precinct 7 Yes
Anthony J. Abril
William J. Buckley Jr.
Cheryl A. Caron
Stephen F. Connell
Peter J. Culhane
Diane Culhane
Philip F. Czachorowski
Karen T. Liljegren
Joseph J. McDermott
Gerald F. Blair
Robert B. Everett
Edward C. Forsberg
Louis E. Hoegler
Paul E. Hoegler
Patricia A. MacConnell
Michele A. Markatos
Martha M. Ryan
Precinct 8 Yes
Mark E. Gallivan
Mary Ellen Gioioso
James F. Kelliher
Ralph E. Knobel
Carol A. Lane
John W. Stadtler
Rita M. Tempesta
Mary Ellen Vargas
Emidio DiVirgilio Jr.
Joseph Maroun
Susan S. Maynard
James E. O'Neil
Nancy J. O'Neil
Monica W. Stevenson

Source: Special Town Meeting Article 2 Roll Call Results, March 10, 2008

See Also: Town of Walpole Master Map of Voting Precincts

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